Additive / Layer Manufacturing (AM), or bottom-up processes are a group of processes that manufacture (near)-net shape products by building them layer by layer in an additive way, starting from digital data (CAD data, medical scan data).When using laser cladding (also referred to as laser metal deposition, LMD) as the additive process, a powder is applied to a component through a nozzle. This powder is melted onto the substrate by laser radiation, yielding a strong metallurgical bond between the substrate and the applied powder track.Layers of molten powder material can be applied next or onto each other, according to the virgin data model. Doing so yields the production of near-net shape components or materials.Due to the low energy input in the component the deformation of the part is controlled within very narrow tolerances. The fine microstructure which is typically obtained during laser cladding processes can even enhance the wear and strength properties of the material compared to the conventional manufactured material.