Main activity

IREPA LASER is a leading French centre for laser materials processing research. Our competences are based on the implementation of laser industrial manufacturing processes. Our technology transfer process to the industry starts from the development and industrialization of innovative processes through industrial contracts and collaborative R&D programs, to the training of personal for an efficient and practical use of laser technology and for laser safety.

Expertise in laser manufacturing

IREPA LASER has a strong experience in laser materials processing. Our expertise includes laser assembling (metallic and polymer welding), cladding, additive manufacturing and micromachining. IREPA LASER uses and develops specific control devices (tomography, rapid imaging …). 

IREPA LASER is equipped with a complete range of updated laser machines. More than 20 lasers: CO2, Nd-YAG, Excimer, fibre, diode, disk, from 10W to 6kW. Our latest acquisition is a micromachining machine, with short and ultra-short pulses for applications like micro-drilling micro-cutting, thin layer ablation texturing, engraving and glass welding…
We carried out a study for a company working in athletic competition. The aim was to improve the aerodynamic behaviour of a rolling part in elastomer. We proceed to the laser texturing of the parts and succeeded in optimizing the boundary layer limits. The flexibility of the laser tool was very efficient for the definition of the most efficient patter. Our work led to the development of a production tool.


Pôle API - Parc d'Innovation


Mr. Frédéric Mermet
Micro applications manager