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Main activity

MULTITEL is the project coordinator of the ECO-LASERFACT project. MULTITEL is a privately owned non-profit Research Center located at Mons, Belgium. The organization is active in photonics, speech and signal processing, wireless communication, image processing and railway certification. The Applied Photonics Department of MULTITEL develops fibre lasers and optical sensors. Amongst other, fibre lasers are used for material processing, imagery, remote sensing and spectroscopy. Fiber sensors are embedded in various materials for health structural monitoring or used as chemical or bio-sensors.

Expertise in laser manufacturing

The Applied Photonics Department of MULTITEL developed an expertise in use of ultrashort pulse lasers for high precision processing of materials. The developed expertise includes polymer and metal welding, various materials and substrates decoating and ablation, micromachining of organic and inorganic materials, applied for instance to solar cells fabrication. Other possible examples of applications are the glass processing (cutting, drilling, surface and embedded marking) or the polymer processing (particularly by resonant infrared ablation).


Rue Pierre et Marie Curie 2
B-7000 Mons


Mr. Anthony Bertrand