Ecolaserfact at a Glance

FREE Services
We offer free online tools to show laser capabilities to tackle most of the technical problems of laser micro-machining. More than 88 applications on different materials were identified that allowed a better understanding of laser micro-manufacturing technologies. For more information, please visit our website

FREE Feasibility Studies

We offer free feasibility studies for the benefit of SMEs for testing materials laser processing. We help you to define the most efficient technical solution and realize your first demonstration samples. Any SME can make multiple requests in the same call. For more information, please visit our website 

FREE Training Courses
Laser industrial materials processing trainings are essential for a good understanding of laser technology and perfect control of laser materials micro processes. These training courses are free of charge and open to all interested parties. We present an introduction to laser security and a detailed overview of laser micro-manufacturing technologies. Trainings deal with ultra-short pulse laser micro-machining, laser milling, surface texturing/structuring, master-making process chains, and laser micro-welding.

Ecolaserfact Reports

Ecolaserfact is pleased to anounce the online availability of our annual market report on laser micro-manufacturing.
Moreover, you can learn more about laser micro-joining, laser surface texturing, micro-fluidic devices, and additive technologies with our online dedicated reports. For more information, please visit our website

Workshops and Conferences

We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth during LANE 2014 and MIDEST Paris. LANE 2014 offers a platform for international exchanges of ideas, opinions, perspectives, results and solutions concerning Photonics Technologies. MIDEST is the key platform for international suppliers of industrial subcontracting. Ecolaserfact will show some of the latest laser micro-manufacturing developments, focusing on high precision, reduced cost and ecological friendly manufacture of goods through demonstrations and exemplary processed samples.

Ecolaserfact contributes to a more cohesive EU society as it derives from a cooperation of people from different countries working on common issues that touch the lives of EU-citizens.