Annual reporting
Ecolaserfact new market report on laser micro-manufacturing is now online: Cost analysis, International standards, and Regulations. More technically oriented reports are also available about laser micro-joining, laser surface texturing, micro-fluidic devices, and additive technologies.

SME Services

We offer free online tools to show laser capabilities to tackle most of the technical problems of laser micro-machining. 88 applications are identified on the Ecolaserfact database. We continue to offer free feasibility studies for the benefit of SMEs for testing materials laser processing. We help you to define the most efficient technical solution and realize your first demonstration samples.

Up to now 40 SMEs already applied!

Free Training Courses
Laser industrial materials processing trainings are essential for a good understanding of laser technology and perfect control of laser materials micro processes.

200 people already participated to Ecolaserfact trainings! We thank all participants!

Ecolaserfact contributes to a more cohesive EU society as it derives from a cooperation of people from different countries working on common issues that touch the lives of EU-citizens.