Why use Lasers for Material Processing?

Since the invention of laser in 1960, laser technology did continue to develop and to give birth to innovative applications in the industrial and scientific area (aerospace, defence, construction, food industry, medical, and bio-pharmaceutical). The advantages of the use of lasers for micromanufacturing are:

  • The non contact processes
  • The process accuracy
  • A large parameter flexibility depending on the material
Both pulsed and continuous wave (CW) lasers can be used for micromachining. For a pulsed laser, the average power is directed related to the peak power, the repetition rate and the pulse duration (ms, µs, ns, ps, or fs) of the laser. The most important characteristics of the laser beam are:

  • The energy of the laser beam
  • The diameter of the laser spot
  • The wavelength of the laser beam