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VITO - Laser welding - 400W Nd-YAG laser - Metal alloys

For research purpose on material selection for nuclear applications an Inconel tube (Ni-Cr alloy) was tested on burst pressure of the tube wall. Therefore the tube had to be sealed hermetically. The tube wall thickness is 0.5mm.Because of the tight tollerances for sealing the tube and pressure testing it afterwards, only laser welding could be applied in this case. The laser welding tests were carried out using a 400W Nd-YAG laser in pulsed mode. The sealed tubes were ubsequently tested at 1400 bar.All laser welds could withstand this pressure.


VITO - Laser transformation hardening - 150W diode laser

Laser transformation hardening is a technology using a laser beam scanning the surface of a component. the substrate component is typicalle a steel alloy or cast iron with a carbon content between 0.2-1.5%. The irradiated compound is experiencing a quick heating and cooling cycle during which martensite formation occurs. This martensitic phase introduces a higher hardness of the surface of the steel component.


VITO - Laser cutting - 150W Nd-YAG laser

A 150W Nd-YAG pulsed laser source was used for high precision laser cutting of metal foils. Though the high energy density but limited heat input the use of the laser as cutting tool became obvious. For sensoring applications a 38µm stainless steel foil was cut using an average laser power of 10W, pulse duration 0.1ms and a frequency of 250Hz. Using these parameters, a processing speed of 100mm per minute could be applied.


VITO - Laser cladding/dispersing - VITO - multi-kilowatt fiber laser (IPG) - metals - 3D feature

Additive / Layer Manufacturing (AM), or bottom-up processes are a group of processes that manufacture (near)-net shape products by building them layer by layer in an additive way, starting from digital data (CAD data, medical scan data).When using laser cladding (also referred to as laser metal deposition, LMD) as the additive process, a powder is applied to a component through a nozzle.