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BLZ - Laser drilling - blz - ps-laser (IR, VIS) - metals - Holes

Laser Drilling with trepanning is characterized by the ability to produce accurate holes with high aspect ratios. Currently available trepanning, however, are limited to the generation of circular or elliptical holes. For the realization of arbitrary hole geometries a novel Trepanning module was developed at the Bavarian Laser Center. In addition to circularity and elliptically shaped holes, rectangular, diamond-shaped or star-shaped holes with high quality speed and different dimensions can be generated.


BLZ - blz - ps-laser (IR, VIS, UV) - glass - 3D feature

Ultrashort pulsed laser material structuring enables visible as well as virtually non-visible structuring inside transparent materials such as glass as well as surface structuring of a large variety of different materials. Inside and surface structuring can provide 3-dimensional structures. The materials suitable for structuring can exhibit a large thermal expansion coefficient or have a low melting point. The achievable structure structure size can be as small as few microns, depending on material even 1 µm or less.


BLZ - blz - beam shaping components - metals - Grooves

Multi Spot Generators are used for increasing the throughput in industrial manufacturing e.g. in processes like perforation or surface structuring. Another field of application is for example laser metrology. There the optical system can be used as 3D measurement system. An advantage of the system is the equal intensity distribution of the single spots in the array. Different systems for multi spot generation have been developed using micro lens arrays, diffractive optical elements or spatial light modulators.Processed materials:metals, ceramics, semiconductor, glass


BLZ - blz - beam shaping components

Laser beam homogenizer: Top-Hat beam profileSpatial energy distribution of homogenized squared beam profileMany applications in laser metrology and laser material processing require a homogeneous intensity distribution of the laser beam over its complete profile. A so-called flat top intensity distribution can be generated by applying micro lens arrays, diffractive optical elements or aspherical lenses. Different systems for homogenizing laser radiation of high power laser sources have therefor been developed at blz.