BLZ - Laser surface structuring - blz - ps-laser (IR, VIS) - metals - Trenches

For laser interference patterning two or more beams are overlapped in order to generate an interference pattern in the beam crossing region. Direct patterning of the material is achieved by using a pico second laser with high pulse energies in the region of 100 micro joules. The beam can be splitted by a spatial light modulator which enables additional flexibility by changing the beam angle in order to change the pattern period.


BLZ - blz - ps-laser (IR, VIS, UV) - glass - 3D feature

Ultrashort pulsed laser material structuring enables visible as well as virtually non-visible structuring inside transparent materials such as glass as well as surface structuring of a large variety of different materials. Inside and surface structuring can provide 3-dimensional structures. The materials suitable for structuring can exhibit a large thermal expansion coefficient or have a low melting point. The achievable structure structure size can be as small as few microns, depending on material even 1 µm or less.